The Little Big Book Dictionary

The problem

Standard dictionaries are troublesome for many. You often find yourself seeking definitions for the words used to define the word you were originally looking for. This could go on forever. In addition, the seeming hieroglyphics of pronunciation guides can often be of little help to many. Some words in the writings of recovery related materials do not follow the more standard definitions for the words. For example: the AA beam is not something related to scales, nor is it a steel or wooden support structure. There are more similar examples throughout.

The Solution

An easy, simple to read, simple to search dictionary !
"The Little Big Book Dictionary" ( LBBD ) and "The Little 12 N 12 Dictionary"

"The Little Big Book Dictionary is a must for any recovering alcoholic's library. When a sponsee asks, "What is belladonna?" I can do more than shrug and say, "who knows?" Many of the words lost in antiquity come to life with this neat little book. I'm passing it on to my sponsees and recommend it to all!" Bill S./GA

About our book


This book was meticulously written by a long time fellowship member to help the most novice to advanced readers navigate and understand the 'Big Book' - "Alcoholics Anonymous" and "The 12 Steps and Twelve Traditions" of A.A..
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Little Big Book and Little 12 & 12 Dictionaries Standard - Paperback

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Little Big Book and Little 12 & 12 Dictionaries LARGE PRINT

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Each dictionary includes over 2,200 of the most difficult words and terms found in The Big Book or The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions book of Alcoholics Anonymous respectively. Providing text related definitions, simple phonic pronunciation guides, and page number references for the included words. Many study and reference notes. Custom sized to fit in the back of your books. Includes many program 'topical' words. Designed for elementary to advanced education levels. In most cases the first definition provided can be used as a simplified substitute for the word in question while maintaining proper sentence structure and intent.

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Little Big Book and Little 12 & 12 DICTIONARIES Standard - Paperback
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Little Big Book Dictionary &
Little 12 n 12 Dictionary

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